About Us
  • The RNAi Global Initiative

    The RNAi Global Initiative is a unique alliance of leading international biomedical researchers, and has been established to increase and accelerate the utility of genome-wide siRNA libraries.


    Genome-wide siRNA libraries have the potential to fundamentally change biological research by dramatically increasing scientists' ability to understand disease mechanisms and facilitating faster drug discovery and development. The RNAi Global Initiative will provide a forum for member institutions to share research protocols, establish experimental standards and develop mechanisms for exchanging and comparing screening data.


    This ongoing interaction between the RNAi Global Initiative members is expected to help researchers optimize high-throughput human- genome-wide siRNA screening and accelerate drug discovery. Membership is open to not-for-profit biomedical research institutions across North America, Europe and Asia.


    The RNAi Global Initiative was established and is being coordinated under the auspices of the Dharmacon, whose Research and Development scientists actively contribute to the Initiative.