Cancer Research UK (CRUK)

Cancer Research UK's vision is to conquer cancer through world-class research. The charity works alone and in partnership with others to carry out research into the biology and causes of cancer, to develop effective treatments, improve the quality of life for cancer patients, reduce the number of people getting cancer and to provide authoritative information on cancer. Cancer Research UK 


Cancer Research UK is the world's leading independent charity dedicated to research on the causes, treatment and prevention of cancer.


Cancer Research UK funds basic and clinical research via grants to universities and medical schools and also by core funding at its own research institutes. There are four of these, in London, Glasgow, Manchester and Cambridge, of which the London Research Institute is the largest.


The London Research Institute comprises nearly fifty research groups working on various areas of relevance to cancer. It is committed to advancing our understanding of the basic biology underlying cancer with a view to providing new input into the identification of new therapeutic directions in the treatment of the disease.

For more information, visit the Cancer Research UK website.


Cancer Research UK is funded entirely via donations. For information on how to make your contribution, please visit the CRUK Donation webpage.


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Julian Downward, PhD