Thomas Wurdinger

Thomas Wurdinger, PhD, received his MSc degree at the VU University in 2001. In 2005 he received his PhD at the Virology division of Utrecht University in collaboration with the Gene Therapy division of the VU University Medical Center, for which he received the Greiner Award from the Dutch Society of Gene Therapy. In 2005 he started working as a postdoctoral fellow at the Molecular Neurogenetics Unit and the Center of Molecular Imaging Research of the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where he started working on brain tumor miRNAs and molecular imaging techniques, and where he received an American Brain Tumor Association Fellowship Award. Since December 2007 he is heading the lab of the Neuro-oncology Research Group at the VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam. His main research focus is on the identification of system therapeutics for the treatment of brain tumors. This includes exploiting large-scale siRNA library screening to determine factors that contribute to brain tumor growth and migration.


Selected Publications 

Würdinger T, Tannous BA. Glioma angiogenesis: Towards novel RNA therapeutics. Cell Adh Migr. 2009 Apr;3(2):230-5. Epub 2009 Apr 22.


Skog, J., Wurdinger, T., Van Rijn, S., Meijer, D., Gainche, L., Sena-Esteves, M., Curry, W. T. Jr, Carter, B. S., Krichevsky, A. M., Breakefield, X. O. Glioblastoma microvesicles transport RNA and protein that promote tumor growth and provide diagnostic biomarkers. Nat Cell Biol. 2008 Dec;10(12):1470-6.


Wurdinger, T., Tannous, B. A., Saydam, O., Skog, J., Grau, S., Soutschek, J., Weissleder, R., Breakefield, X. O., Krichevsky, A. M. miR-296 regulates growth factor receptor overexpression in angiogenic endothelial cells. Cancer Cell. 2008 Nov 4;14(5):382-93.


Gabriely, G.*, Wurdinger, T.*, Kesari, S., Esau, C. C., Burchard, J., Linsley, P. S., Krichevsky, A. M. MiR-21 Promotes Glioma Invasion by Targeting MMP Regulators. Mol Cell Biol. 2008 Jun 30. Wurdinger, T., Badr, C., Tannous, B. A. Gaussia luciferase blood level as an index of cell growth and proliferation. Nat Protocols, 2008.


Wurdinger, T., Badr, C., Pike, L., de Kleine, R., Weissleder, R., Breakefield, X. O., Tannous, B. A. A secreted luciferase for ex vivo monitoring of in vivo processes. Nat Methods. 2008 Feb;5(2):171-3. 2008 Jan 20.


Wurdinger, T., Costa, F. F. (October, 2007). Molecular therapy in the microRNA era. Pharmacogenomics J: 7(5):297-304.


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Thomas Wurdinger, Ph.D.
Dept. Neurosurgery, Neuro-ocology Research
Group (NRG)
Identification of genes involved in brain tumor systems.


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